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Published on May 20, 2008 By Pixeleo In Living in Cyberspace

Who hasn't read Draginol's article [The existence of for-pay stuff doesn't hurt you] on WinCustomize? And having read it twice to grip the concept behind his thought, I must say that he's  reflected what is sadly a very common fault of a majority of the online crowd. How many of us don't download software, big or small, almost everyday, from the internet? And seeing that this means that more than three billion people downloading software daily, which has turned software companies to giant industrial grand daddies with a lot of wealth.

Draginol's article:

So what is the problem with the online crowd? For one thing, and the most important of all, people prioritise products on thier look, feel, and then functionality. An easy example, one that Draginol gave too, is ObjectDock. This tiny Stardock application is worth a thousand bucks [and I'm talking about the free version here] because of the functionality and clarity it adds to your desktop. That too, I'm still commenting on the free version. And people love it. has featured it twice, and having millions of downloads there, it shows that it adds to Windows what the "dock" adds to a mac. Apart from the free version, Stardock has another version, called ObjectDock Plus. This version is the father of all docks, including its own little sister, the free version. 

OD+ includes system tray support, tabbed docks, and more. This makes it even more desirable than the free version, because it clears up valuable space on your screen, while depleting the use of icons. But people who don't have OD+ hate it. Why? Because it isn't free. Yes, this million dollar app is underpriced at $20. And people who have grown to love the free Object Dock version, the same people click on the "Learn about Plus"  link at the Stardock website, and after finding out that it costs a mere 20 bucks, they curse out loud. What the freakin' hell is causing people to behave like this? Why is Bill Gates one of the richest man on the globe? Why do people buy spend hundreds on buying Vista? Isn't it just a CD with a big piece of good software inside? Isn't online software that can be purchased exaclty the same? 

And I'm not talking about just Stardock. I'm talking about the general behaviour of people, they just hate paying for good software. The same people who have no problem payign for games and furniture and what not. I mean, software companies aren't supposed to just hand out their products for free. Imagine what will happen if Microsoft uploaded Windows Vista Ultimate on a download site with no cost on downloading it. Bill Gates would rot. Imagine Starbucks handing out free lattes, it would sink too. 

So you see, nothing is wrong with selling software. Software companies hire people and make software. Other companies do the same. No one itches when they buy a new curtain for their window, thn what's the itch in buying a new blind for your computer desktop? 

And a tip for those who didn't get my point: These companies selling plus versions online always ave a trial version too. You can download that [and for a limited time] test it out to see if you want it. Just the same when you test drive a new car before buying it. You can afford a $20 piece of software that you like. It's not your wallet. It's your way of thinking.




on May 20, 2008

It's not your wallet. It's your way of thinking.

Spot on! Couldn't have said it better myself!   

on May 20, 2008
Spot on!


These companies selling plus versions online always ave a trial version too. You can download that [and for a limited time] test it out to see if you want it.

Since most of your article was using ObjectDock as a reference, I just want to point out to those who are new and unaware of it that the free version of ObjectDock has no time limitation.

on May 20, 2008

Yeah, forgot that  

on May 20, 2008
On a limited budget, I had to choose between WB's or OD+ and a WC sub with either.For now the free OD serves it's purpose.I love WindowBlinds and don't regret it.( although I did end up getting ODNT as a gift).The WC sub was a "luxury" that I just felt right about doing.I'll be renewing it for sure.(I'm saving for it now) My point? Not everyone that uses the free version is a freeloader,or cheap.If it was timed,I'd do without,not bitch because it cost $20, and buy it when I could.You make the free users out to be no-good, whiney bums. That may be the case with some ,but there are a lot of ODNT members who base their purchases on plain old economics, not opinion.P.S I've got 75+ PS2 and 55 XBox games from my previous hobby,before my job folded and we moved here to care for a family member, and I got this HP,my first PC. Don't tell ME I don't like paying for software.
It's not your wallet. It's your way of thinking.

Wanna bet?
on May 21, 2008

Nah, no one at WC or in the ODNT bitches about paying for software, yet. Just discussing what "those outsiders" think. Hope they get hit by some enlightening lightning bolt that shows them the true magic of WC. 


And I had the free OD version till last week too, and I had like 30 shortcuts in it. One of the reason why I like OD+ is that it allows one dock with a million tabs, so it takes up no space at all  

on May 21, 2008
I've re-read this post and Draginol's 3 times.Where in your post do you make that distinction? It's now a moot point as far as I'm concerned. I'm tired of being thought of as a scum-sucking,bottom-feeding scavenger who won't pay for good software. Your "sales by guilt " tactics are BS.I've put my icons on my desktop and will no longer use OD after today.Free or paid. EVERYBODY HAPPY NOW? And to think I used to help promote this product.   Now, you want to Rag on me/us about CFX free as well?
on May 21, 2008
Wizard1956 I think you have mistaken the OPs intent. I believe he was referring to people who like using the free versions but then go around badmouthing the full/paid versions just because they don't want to pay for it.

on May 21, 2008

Wizard1956, calm down. I'm not referring to you. What I mean to say is that many people still believe that software should be a free luxury. I respect those who realize that good software is worth paying for. I myself am one of them, and I totally respect you. Didn't mean to offend you. I'm just reflecting on the sad state of a majority of people's thinking, not yours. 

Actually till this ridiculous way of thinking lasts, people like you and many others at WC are sort of like converts to the new faith, which means that we don't hesitate in paying for software we think is worth it.


And sorry if you thought my post was ambiguous. I think I've cleared my point now.

on May 21, 2008
Itch, itch, itch,.........scratch, scratch, scratch. Oh, was I doing that in public, sorry.   

Your point is understood by me. I will not hesitate to pay for something, anything, but will always try a free piece of software. Just got to love people who share, even more so if they make a paid version.
on May 21, 2008
Well, it was rubbing me the wrong way,for sure.Apology accepted. Just to check though, I went to c|net(I'm a registered user)Out of 117 reviews for ObjectDock,10 negative for performance reasons,3 couldn't download(last year),the remaining 104 gave good to very glowing reveiws. Two said they would buy.I fail to see anything negative there. Not one said anything concerning about a paid version.It's not you,Pixeleo, I got the same response when I suggested AVG misled their free version users.    I'll get over it,lol. Always do.  
on May 21, 2008

No problemo  

on May 21, 2008
there will always be people who refuse to pay for software, be it good or not. I also make the point that while $20 does not sound like a lot of money, for some people in this world that $20 means whether or not they eat that week. Most people who find a piece of software invaluable will pay for it and some won't. Some are more than happy to continue using the free version (if there is one) and good for them, thats their right. As for object dock, after using the + version now for a couple of years i don't think i could do without it, the ability to have multiple tabbed docks or just multiple zoomer docks is extremely useful.
A lot of folks are happy to just have the one dock with their most used programs, and again thats their right. I must say i am very saitisfied with all my stardock products and would not hesitate to purchase them again if i needed to. But the fact that the company has free versions of some of the more useful programs is fantastic and this will be enough for a lot of people.
on May 21, 2008

Same message that I wanted to pass through, that these companies DO NOT nag you to buy an upgrade. Anyone who has visited the ObjectDock page find a very helpful introduction. The only mention of OD+ is that it has the same features of OD plus a lot more. Not as if Stardock [or similar software companies] corner you with a rifle or something and force you to buy the upgrade.

What I wanted to say was that people have the tendency to start criticizing the free products because of existing counterparts. A company has the right to make a better version and include a cost. 

Totally agree with you Nimbin,